How Do You Celebrate Your Culture and Heritage? #OrgullosaHeritage

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As a bicultural community, Orgullosa represents strong, independent women who celebrate having the best of two worlds: one being rooted in their Hispanic culture and the other seizing their limitless potential in the U.S.: The Nueva Latina!

This year for Hispanic Heritage month, Orgullosa partnered with celebrity guest Adrienne Bailon because she is a representation of The Nueva Latina. As a fashionista, television host, actress, musician (and more), her culture has shaped who she is today, and she is an example of how she is celebrating the best of two worlds.

As a Nueva Latina who is raising a bi-cultural and bi-racial family, I try to keep my Hispanic culture alive within my family. I do it by celebrating traditions that I had celebrated with my family growing and by creating new traditions as a new family and a new Latina mom. As a second generation Mexican-American, I was raised in a bi-cultural home, I feel like much of my Hispanic culture was forgotten because of the American lifestyle we lived. I'll admit that it's not easy keeping my Hispanic culture alive in my home. During last week facebook chat with celebrity guest Adrienne Bailon and other Latina moms, I learned that I was not the only one who struggles with keep the Hispanic culture alive at home especially those who have bi-racial families.

Orgullosa has created many fun activities during Hispanic Heritage Month to show how we are “mujeres con LA FALDA BIEN PUESTA”! Orgullosa launched a special Facebook tab that allows the community to honor their heritage by uploading a photo and selecting their nationality to share. Visit the the Orgullosa Heritage app on their Facebook to upload your photo.

Join the Orgullosa community!

How do you celebrate your culture and heritage?

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