Watermelon Lemonade

This Watermelon Lemonade is a perfect blend of sweet and sour! Serve chilled for a refreshing drink on a warm summer day.

Chipotle Bacon 7-Layer Dip

This Chipotle Bacon 7-Layer Dip is a “twist” on a classic favorite dish of mine. In my opinion, adding bacon, avocados, and some spice can easily transform a dish into something amazing! If you’re a bacon lover than you know that adding bacon to your favorite dish can make that dish absolutely delicious.

The Chipotle Bacon 7-Layer Dip requires no cooking or baking and is a perfect dish to serve at party or any social gathering, or a family movie night on the couch.

Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron Toys

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As you can see .... the Avengers are back! And they've bought some awesome super hero toys with their return. Your kids can get in on all of the hero action with the new line of Marvel's Avengers toys. Hasbro is celebrating the latest Avengers cinematic adventure, Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, with a hero-sized toy line featuring electronic action figures, role-play items and playsets. They want your children to show their creativity and tap into their inner Avengers with MARVEL’S AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON toy line!

Meet Vi and Va. Viva! {with giveaway}

This is sponsored post in collaboration with Vi and Va Dolls and Latina Bloggers Connect. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

Meet Vi and Va (pronounced like Viva!). The Vi and Va doll collection was created to help Latina girls honor and embrace their heritage. The themes and storytelling within the line of dolls focuses on both family and culture.The new fashion doll line inspired by Latin cultures is all about friends, family, fiesta and fun! Viviana, Valentina, Felicia and Roxxi all have something wonderful to offer in the creative minds of little girls. For these girls, every day is an adventure and a reason to celebrate the bonds of family and friendship.

Celebrating Milestones The Second Time

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Celebrating Milestones the Second Time

As a mother of two children I've learned that baby's firsts even the second time around are just as special. Achieving a new milestone both big and small should always be celebrated. With each child, a new milestone can be a different experience unlike the others. Each child is unique, each will have their own personality and each one is special. Often each child will reach a milestone at different times in their lives. Even to a veteran mommy, those unexpected milestones at unexpected times are a fun surprise.

Baby's first tooth or teeth is an exciting time .... and it can also be a time of many tears for both
baby and parents. The teething process with both my children were very different. Emma Lee
had both her lower central incisor teeth before she was three months old. It was as if they had sprung up overnight. As a new mommy, this was one of our very first milestones in a long line of more special occasions. With the teething came lots of biting, chewing, fussing and sadly some pain. I kept teething toys nearby along with Baby Orajel™ Naturals to provide pain relief for my baby girl.

Chicken and Cheese Enchiladas

{This is a sponsored post for HERDEZ®}

In the spirit of celebrating Dia Del Nino, I've recreated one of my favorite childhood recipes. Chicken and cheese enchiladas is a dish my mother made for our family as a child that I absolutely loved and it's now a dish I enjoy cooking with my ninos.

Chicken & Cheese Enchiladas
Serves 10

1 pound of boneless chicken
1 bottle of Herdez Tomatillo Verde Mexican Cooking Sauces
10 corn tortillas
1 cup of shredded cheese
2 cups of verde enchilada sauce