Calling All Cosmic Explorers!

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Get ready to launch off into a cosmic adventure with Miles from Tomorrowland. A new and out of this world Disney Junior show on the Disney Channel. Miles from Tomorrowland Space Mission: Mars premiers on Disney Junior on Saturday, September 19th. Your children can join Miles on some exciting space missions throughout the galaxy. So suit up and buckle up for a superstellar blast off experience!

Care. Love. Play.

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Meet our cat Rouge, she likes to spend time outside basking in the sun and long walks in the front yard. We’ve had Rouge for many years now and over that time the kids have grown to love her and have grown to be quite attached to her. Many of us consider our pets as additional members of the family. Family pets help provide companionship and unconditional love every day and in return it’s important that we provide care, love and play to keep them happy and healthy.

Having a family pet around young children can be very beneficial for not only the animal but for the entire family. A pet can help teach children friendship, responsibility, teamwork and how to care for others. For many young children pets can be that child’s first friend. Family pets and young children often grow a strong bond between each other and that relationship will help children understand the meaning of friendship.

Get #MoreMinutes This Back-to-School Season

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With a few short weeks before school starts up again, things can get very busy with last minute summer activities and back-to-school shopping. Great Clips wants you to spend more time doing what you and less time waiting at the salon for a haircut. Using their new online check-in feature, I was able to check wait times and check-in. With the time I saved, we had some extra time to grab some ice cream on a very hot summer day.

Family Activities With Your Kids On A Cruise Vacation

Have you ever had a week without a single dull moment? I recently did. The kids and I went on a memorable vacation in the Caribbean. We set sail aboard the Carnival Cruise ship for 7 days. It was an entire week of fun, sun and family time. I can honestly tell you that my vacation in the Caribbean was nothing short of amazing. With all of the fun and entertainment offered on our trip, from the excitement happening on board to exploring the great cities off the ship, we had a an incredible week.

S'mores Party Mix

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S'mores are a staple of summer time snacks and traditions. Summers in America are spent with friends and family, celebrating and remembering what makes this county so great. As a second generation Hispanic American, I love celebrating the 4th of July with family, great food and fireworks. Roasting S'mores over a campfire has become a favorite summer tradition of ours. No need for an outdoor campfire if you're in the mood for S'mores, you can easily re-create the delicious snack with some Honey Maid Teddy Grahams, chocolate and marshmallows.

No matter how things change, what makes us wholesome never will.  Honey Maid provides wholesome snacks for every wholesome family.

9 Summer Bag Essentials

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What's the most important thing you can have in your summer tote and why? Sunscreen. It does more than protect against sunburns, it protects against long-term effects that are not always visible, like skin damage and skin cancer.

Summer has just begun and the kids and I have already enjoyed many outdoor activities creating amazing memories so far. With much of the fun and busy summer still ahead of us, it's important that I have all we need to enjoy our sunny days. Whether we're headed to the beach, water park or the pool, I take my tote that's filled with all my summer essentials. I have everything I need from sun protection to my water-proof camera so that I can capture some awesome photos to look back on.