6 Things To Take On Vacation

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Having a favorable time and exploring the world around us are just a few reasons why we take vacations and love them so much. Treating yourself well and feeling positive about yourself is ultimately important to your self esteem. Using your favorite beauty items is just another way for us to pamper ourselves. We all need that break from our daily stressful lives, and that's why we take vacations. Suave beauty products are a convenient and easy to accomplish a wonderful look while on vacation and in our everyday lives.

Walgreens has many of the beauty and styling products you'll need to help you look and feel you absolute best while enjoying your memorable vacation.

Make A Splash This Summer

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Splash into summer fun with these adorable pool floats and toys. Having a pool party? or just enjoying some water fun on a hot summer day? These fun and colorful inflatables will help take your water fun to the next level. With a large selection to select from, Oriental Trading has something for everyone to splash around in.

Make Your Summer an Adventure!

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What things remind you of summer? Is it enjoying a delicious frozen treat on a hot day, or is it family vacations? Both? Not too long ago I wrote an article on why family vacations are important. I spoke of the many reasons why bonding with your children and creating memories while on vacation can help ease the stress of everyday life and chores. As a single mom, and as someone who knows many other single parents, I understand that vacationing and traveling with children is difficult for many reasons. The big reason for most of us has to do with finances. Taking our families on a getaway vacation is costly. Many two income families struggle with paying for vacations, it can be a bigger struggle for those with a single income. As a single mom, I know all about the guilt that can come with not taking your kids on a summer trip. But that’s not what summer or memories are about. I want to remind those single parents that when it comes to having a great summer, it isn't about the destination, it’s about the adventures that create a fun and unforgettable summer.

Instead of feeling guilty, head outdoors for some fun adventures. Grab some water toys and have a water fight in your own backyard. Use your driveway to create fun and beautiful art with sidewalk chalk. Blow some bubbles into the sky, and don't forget some sweet frozen treats to keep you and your family cool on these warm days.

A Patriotic Celebration

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Look at this 4th of July themed dessert and goodie table I created with help from Oriental Trading. I love it! It was easy and fun to put all together for our Independence Day festivities. It may be a little much, but who said you can't be a little extra when celebrating America? Not me, thats for sure. Everything from the wall decor to patriotic headbands helped bring this table to life.

Magical Treats

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You may have noticed a certain theme on my blog recently. My love for unicorns and rainbows is nothing new. It all began many years ago when I was a very young child. I grew up a 90's kid and unicorns, rainbows, and ponies were just a thing most of us 90's kids loved. These bright and colorful characters and items are very nostalgic for me. While recently browsing the Oriental Trading website, I've found many toys and party supplies to help me re-live some of the fun things from my childhood. Everything from the slap bracelets to the mini stampers, they all bring back great memories and will help me create new ones with my little ones.

Reese's Peanut Butter Shake Recipe

I love Reese's Peanut Butter Cups! I'm so guilty of stealing them from the kids Halloween trick-or-treat bags. I wanted to create a shake that would remind me of the yummy taste of a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. Here it is, I hope you enjoy!

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