Hey Pumpkin!

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Did you know that family holiday activities not only create traditions out of memories but can also help develop and improve your child's occupational skills? Taking time away from your daily chores as a parent to bring your family together for quality time is a very important thing to most of us and the best part of our day. Carving and decorating pumpkins is a fun and creative way to enjoy and celebrate one of your family’s favorite holidays. It's a long-standing tradition I enjoyed with my family growing up and it's become an activity I love doing with my own children. Along with spending time together, kids get to practice improving their visual motor skills and general hand-eye coordination, as well as expressing their imagination and creativity.

Parmesan Chicken

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So here's my quick and easy twist on a classic dish. Traditional Parmesan Chicken recipes generally involve breaded chicken and baking but I prefer grilled chicken cooked on a skillet. It was simple to take this delicious pasta recipe that I've grown up eating at the dinner table and made it my own. As I've grown, and established my own family dinner's, I've learn to create things just the way I enjoy them. I don't always have much time to prepare delicious family dinner's so I like to take a few quick short cuts when cooking but I never skip out on the taste and quality and that's why I still use Ragu sauce for my pasta dishes. 

Why Are Family Vacations Important?

I was part of the Every day, care™project with Whirlpool® as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars. #EveryDayCare

Becoming a parent is the most important role you'll ever step into. It's both exhausting and rewarding. There are many "chores" that come with caring for your family and providing a happy and healthy home. Many of us don't look at these every day tasks we perform as chores but as opportunities to show how much we care. For example, I am not a morning person by any means but every school day, I wake up with my children, get them ready for class, pack their lunches and snack, walk them to their bus stop, tell them I love them before blowing kisses goodbye. These "chores" that I have performed before the sun has even risen are things I wouldn't miss for the world. Our early morning school routine has become a chore I love doing. While the kids are away at school, I continue my day with other chores like laundry, cooking and cleaning. These very small things have a huge impact on not only myself but my children as well. When we raise happy, independent, and smart kids; we create a better society. There are multiple ways we show those we love how much we really care. #EveryDayCare

Family vacations are just as important as the everyday duties we all perform. Taking time away from our everyday tasks and bonding with the ones we love can help reduce stress and anxiety. As much as I both love and loath many of my "mommy chores", taking a break from my everyday routine of chores, is more than welcomed and deserved. Going on family vacations with my children not only helps provide me with a break from my everyday life of duties but gives the kids a chance to experience something different as well. We all deserve to take a break.

Calling All Cosmic Explorers!

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Get ready to launch off into a cosmic adventure with Miles from Tomorrowland. A new and out of this world Disney Junior show on the Disney Channel. Miles from Tomorrowland Space Mission: Mars premiers on Disney Junior on Saturday, September 19th. Your children can join Miles on some exciting space missions throughout the galaxy. So suit up and buckle up for a superstellar blast off experience!

Care. Love. Play.

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Meet our cat Rouge, she likes to spend time outside basking in the sun and long walks in the front yard. We’ve had Rouge for many years now and over that time the kids have grown to love her and have grown to be quite attached to her. Many of us consider our pets as additional members of the family. Family pets help provide companionship and unconditional love every day and in return it’s important that we provide care, love and play to keep them happy and healthy.

Having a family pet around young children can be very beneficial for not only the animal but for the entire family. A pet can help teach children friendship, responsibility, teamwork and how to care for others. For many young children pets can be that child’s first friend. Family pets and young children often grow a strong bond between each other and that relationship will help children understand the meaning of friendship.