Tips for Perfect Holiday Photos

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During the Holiday's we love to capture special moments on film of our children. We want to save those 'Baby's first Christmas' memories or their first picture with Santa, no matter how terrifying that experience may have been for some of our babies. For my oldest daughter's first photo with Santa, she cried and looked terrified but it's one of my favorite photos because it captured a real moment, her true emotions, no need for a fake smile.

I have loved taking photos of the kids during the holidays over the past few years and have learned a few things here and there that have made every year including this year easier for me to capture those special memories on film for my children to enjoy when they're older.

1. Natural. My biggest tip for great photos is All Natural.
  • Natural light - Choose to take photos outdoors in indirect sunlight or near a window if your indoors.
  • Natural setting - Keep your background simple with no clutter. An open outdoor space or if your in doors, by the tress is always lovely. 
  • Natural poses and emotions - Don't make your kids say "Cheese!" instead tell them a joke and make them laugh or just talk to them and you'll get a very natural smile or pose. Let their personalities shine!

2. OutfitsOne of the most important elements so it's important to get this right.
  • No matchy matchy! Please don't dress the entire family in the same plaid print or holiday sweater. 
  • Color - Pick one color and incorporate that color into every one's outfit. Let every one's personal style show. 
  • Layers - Layered clothing photographs very well and gives your photos some "texture". You won't look so plain and boring. 

3. Comfort. We want to make sure that the kids are comfortable and happy. 
  • Keep them well fed - make sure they eat so you don't end up with cranky babies. Even if they have to snack before your holiday meal. Making sure they aren't hungry will make for a much better experience for everyone.
  • Potty breaks - Have them visit the bathroom before going outside to photograph them or change their diaper. Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers with NEW SureFit Design Provides up to 12 hours of leakage protection, a unique flexible waistband for all-around fit and more conforming gap-free fit.
The last thing we want during a holiday photo shoot or gathering is a leaky diaper! And now that outfit that took you so long to put together is ruined! 

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