Berry Mango Smoothie

What do you consider the ‘Bare Necessities’ of life? What is most important and vital to your and your family? Friendship, Family, Love, Adventure, Fun and Health are among the ‘necessities’ we all find vital in our lives. To celebrate the Walt Disney Studios release of The Jungle Book Diamond Edition, available for the first time ever on Blu-ray and Digital, my family and I are focusing on the necessity of good health with this Berry Mango Smoothie recipe.

Eating well and getting all your vitamins and other nutrients are vital to health. This Berry Mango Smoothie offers plenty of anti-oxidants, Vitamin C and Potassium. The kids loved the sweet taste of the smoothie and getting them their daily nutrients in a single glass is incredibly simple.

Berry Necessity Mango Smoothie

1/2 Cup of Mixed Frozen Berries (Blueberry, Strawberry & Raspberry)
1/2 Cup of Frozen Mango Chunks
1/2 of a Banana
5 oz. Orange Juice

Blend all of your ingredients together and serve!



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  3. This mango smoothie looks so tasty and sweet. I would love to have this at morning.

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