Parmesan Chicken

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So here's my quick and easy twist on a classic dish. Traditional Parmesan Chicken recipes generally involve breaded chicken and baking but I prefer grilled chicken cooked on a skillet. It was simple to take this delicious pasta recipe that I've grown up eating at the dinner table and made it my own. As I've grown, and established my own family dinner's, I've learn to create things just the way I enjoy them. I don't always have much time to prepare delicious family dinner's so I like to take a few quick short cuts when cooking but I never skip out on the taste and quality and that's why I still use Ragu sauce for my pasta dishes. 

Did you know that your favorite pasta sauce was invented by an amazing women? Learn all about Assunta Cantisano story and get inspired.

Ragu Sauce
Spaghetti noodles
Boneless, skinless chicken
Shredded mozzarella cheese
Italian seasoning

  1. Grease skillet with olive oil and over medium heat, cook chicken until golden brown.
  2. While chicken is cooking. Prepare noodles. 
  3. Heat sauce in a pan. 
  4. Place chicken onto cooked pasta and top with sauce and cheese. 
  5. Microwave plate for a few seconds to melt cheese and dash with seasoning.