A Patriotic Celebration

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Look at this 4th of July themed dessert and goodie table I created with help from Oriental Trading. I love it! It was easy and fun to put all together for our Independence Day festivities. It may be a little much, but who said you can't be a little extra when celebrating America? Not me, thats for sure. Everything from the wall decor to patriotic headbands helped bring this table to life.

I wanted to create a fun table that was not only festive and fun but also functional. Not only can my guest grab a sweet treat but they can also help themselves to some patriotic attire and toys to help celebrate the occasion.

Wall Decor:

Table Decor:

Accessories and Toys:

I used empty vases and glasses to display and hold mini flags, pinwheels and necklaces. They came out cuter than expected and make for perfect centerpieces. 

I also filled buckets and vases with patriotic themed snacks and candies. 

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