Biscuits on-the-go

{This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own}

If you have children, then you most likely have a cabinet full of snacks for them to munch on in-between meals. Our fridge and pantry is always fully stocked with snacks that I don't mind the kids digging into whenever hunger strikes them. I have everything from fresh fruit, yogurt, nuts and granola bars on hand. I also try to always have snacks with me for those times that we are out and about. Those hunger cravings don't stop just because you're away from your kitchen. If you're anything like me, you probably always have snacks in your purse and in your car. And when we head out to our local playground, amusement park or take a trip to the zoo, I always pack more on-the-go snacks to bring along. A quick snack in-between meals helps keep us all in better mood and I’m not tempted to grab some high calorie fast food to keep us satisfied and fed. Since I’ve become a mom, individually wrapped snacks has become one of those items that I keep in my bag that I never leave the house without.

One of our favorite and frequent outdoor activities we enjoy is heading to one of our local parks on a beautiful day. The park has many trails to walk along and several playgrounds. The kids work up an appetite every time we visit the park. I bring snacks to munch on while we are there so we’re able to stay longer and enjoy the day there.

Nature Valley Cups and Biscuits are a great snack to keep at home and take with you on the go. They're the perfect size and come in a variety of flavors. The kids and I love Nature Valley granola bars so we were looking forward to tasting these new snacks and flavors. With flavors like Cocoa Almond Butter, Peanut Butter, and Peanut Butter Chocolate, there’s something for everyone to love. And with 14g of whole grain, they help keep the kids and I going any time of the day wherever we may be.

We found a variety of Nature Valley Cups and Biscuits in the same snack aisle you would find their granola bars at Walmart.