Free Beer & Wine Delievery with Favor

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If you’re getting red, white and boozy this 4th of July. Celebrate this Independence Day with free beer and wine delivery from H-E-B in under an hour. Favor delivers beer and wine from select H-E-Bs thoughout #Texas. Use code KRISN5J for $5 off your first Favor delivery. You will need to show a valid photo ID when your order arrives and that’s about as complicated as it gets. Click ​here​ to learn more about Favor and most importantly, to get the app! In addition to beer and wine, they have endless delivery options from all of your favorite spots—from Starbucks and Whataburger to all the best tacos in the land.

Get #AnythingDelivered to you in under an hour, that’s the kind of service Favor can provide you with, and that’s why they are the best-rated delivery service in Texas.

You can get the best selection of beer and wine delivered at the exact same everyday low prices you see in H-E-B stores. H-E-B has everything from Woodchuck and Stella Artois to Sauvignon Blanc Wine and Margarita Mixers.

How Favor Works:
  • Sign up (it’s free) and order from the app or online at
  • Browse nearby restaurants and stores featured in the app or online, or click on the ‘search’ icon to order from any store within the delivery zone.
  • Runners act as your personal assistant that you can communicate with if need or forgot an item. They will keep yo updated about your order.
  • Use code KRISN5J for $5 off your first Favor delivery

With just a taps via the Favor app or by visiting you can have anything delivered to your doorstep within the hour. This delivery service is not just limited to food or groceries. So if your next gathering is missing cups, plates, or napkins, Favor can deliver what you need to guarantee that your party is a success in just under an hour.


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