6 Benefits Of A Crane Humidifier

Humidifiers aren't just for when your sick with a stuffy nose and a cough. Are you aware that there are multiple uses for a humidifier?  Using a humidifier can provide comfort when sick, hydrate your skin, reduce snoring and more. Crane offers a large selection of humidifiers, some cute, some simple and are just classics. There's one for everyone's style and taste or one to blend in with your decor.

We received the 'Oscar the Owl' cool mist humidifier; he's adorable and the kids love him. He blends in well in their room with all their toys, he doesn't stick out like some ugly looking unit that you would find in a hospital or doctors office. Oscar the Owl isn't just cute, he can provide much comfort relief from cough, cold, and flu symptoms, including nasal congestion, dry cough, sinus irritation, nose bleeds, dry skin

My son Maddox suffers from seasonal allergies and has trouble sleeping with his stuffy nose and coughing. Oscar the Owl has bee a great help with relieving Maddox's allergy symptoms. 

Aside from being simply adorable and comfort aiding, Oscar is easy to use offers some great features. 1 gallon water tank runs whisper quiet up to 24 hours, effectively humidifies rooms up to 250 square feet, auto shut-off safety sensor
, and does not require a filter; so no need to worry about replacing the filter. These Crane humidifiers use less energy than a standard household light bulb.

6 Reasons to own a humidifier

  • Reduce Snoring: The moisture from a humidifier keeps the throat from drying out, therefore relieving the intensity of the sound.
  • Helps with the healing process: Whether it be a cold, asthma, or allergies, a humidifier keeps your lungs more elastic and your nasal passages lubricated.
  • Hydrates Plant Life: Many indoor plants require humidity to survive, or else their leaves will dry out and turn brown.
  • Soothes the Throat and Nose: Moist air can keep mucus membranes from drying out, which is a primary cause of a stuffy nose and sore throat.
  • Prevent Illness: Humidity allows tiny hairs in the nose to move and do their job of filtering out bacteria and viruses to prevent colds and flu. Added humidity can also help prevent bloody noses.   
  • Relieve Dry Skin: Soothe dry, parched skin by putting your humidifier near your bed when you go to sleep. You'll not only notice that your face looks more supple, but your hands won't feel dry either. It also helps to relieve chapped lips, too. 
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    {Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I received this item to facilitate my review. All opinions are of my own}