Get Shipt - Groceries Delivered

{This post is in collaboration with Shipt}

If you're someone who’d rather be doing something else, almost anything else than heading to the grocery store like me, you have to get on board with Shipt. Get your groceries delivered right to your doorstep. If you’ve ever been to busy to make it to the grocery store before closing, then Shipt is for you. If you've ever been to sick to get out of bed, then Shipt is for you. Or if you just rather do something fun rather than taking a trip to the grocery store, then Shipt is for you. Whatever you’re reason, Shipt is like having your own personal shopper for your groceries. Shipt and HEB have recently partnered in San Antonio to offer this amazing grocery delivery service.

I recently got to try out Shipt and I think it changed my life. How can I ever go back to the traditional ways of grocery shopping? I feel so spoiled! Finding what I needed on the site was extremely easy, I was able to do all of my grocery shopping while helping my kids with their homework. The next morning my groceries were delivered right onto my doorstep. My Shipt shopper even texted me to keep me up to date on what was going on and asked if I needed to add any additional last minute items. And when the store didn't have the exact item I had ordered. She informed me and asked if I wanted a similar item instead. It was all so simple and convenient.

You can download the Shipt app on your phone and easily order from anywhere. Sitting in the doctors office? or hanging out by the pool? Quickly and easily get all your grocery shopping done within the palm of your hand. Shipt allows you to create shopping list within the app and you can also easily reorder items that you've purchased in the past. This cuts down your shopping time significantly if you're someone purchases many of the same grocery items on every shopping trip.

Try Shipt out today.