6 Summer Entertaining Ideas

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Summer entertaining is something most of us enjoy doing when the days are warm and long. Sometimes we entertain a large group of family and friends and other times its just a simple family or date night with our grill. There are even times when we host our gathering outdoors and sometimes we take it indoors. Whatever your preference one of the most important part of your summer entertainment is the food. What's a summer barbecue without some delicious meats, drinks, and snacks?

The other day I had an amazing Ribeye steak that was tender,k juicy, and tasted delicious, best part was that I didn't have to dine-out and receive a large bill at the end of my meal. Fareway Meat Market sent over a "Date night Bundle" which included several hand-cut meats. I was honestly surprised on how great it all tasted. I added no addition seasoning to my ribeye and the steak burgers. I just tossed the meats onto the grill and it was ready within minutes.

Fareway Meat Market offers a cut-to-order delivery meat service from expert butchers. Their meat is hand-cut fresh, tender and full of rich flavor. The items you receive will be the highest in quality and shipped frozen to ensure quality and safety.

Included in this bundle:
  • Two 10 oz. Iowa Pork Chops (reg. $24.99)
  • Two 8 oz. America's Cut Boneless Pork Chops (reg. $19.99)
  • Two 12 oz. Beef Ribeye Steaks (reg. $39.99)
  • Regular Price: $84.97, Bundle Price: $59.99

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Southern Breeze tea offers Southern style sweet tea without all the sugar and has zero calories. These pre-sweetened tea bags are perfect for your Summer gatherings or just to enjoy for yourself. The specially blended tea bags already have sweeter inside and can be ready in minutes. Southern Breeze pre-sweetened tea bags come in 4 flavors. I highly recommend the Peach flavor, that one was my favorite.

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popchips are popped to perfection and great for snacking. You get a mouth full of flavor with every bite. popchips are never fried, no artificial flavors, and have 0mg of cholesterol. They make their delicious chips with heat and pressure. Serve along side your favorite dip or just enjoy them on their own, there's definitely enough flavor as is. The bag of Zesty JalapeƱo Cheddar make for a spicy and crunchy snack. 

Summer Entertaining Ideas:
  1. Add fresh cut fruit to teas or water
  2. Use tea to make popsicles
  3. Try grilling your fresh fruit like pineapple, watermelon, or peaches.
  4. Make hamburger sliders for the younger peeps
  5. Serve up and awesome meat and cheeses tray
  6. Veggie skewers. As a side or for non-meat eaters

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