11 Must-Haves to look and feel fab this summer

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Hello! My name is fabulous. Not really … but don't we all want to look and feel fab? Especially during the warmer days of summer. Time for all those outdoor activities, events, BBQ dinners with friends and families, wedding's, or just a day at the beach or by the pool. Since we will be showing of a bit more of ourselves during these warm days we like to take steps in looking our best.

Treating yourself well and feeling positive about yourself is ultimately important to your self esteem. Using your favorite beauty items is just another way for us to pamper ourselves. We all need that break from our daily stressful lives, and that's why we take vacations and short trips during the summer. Caress beauty products are a convenient and easy to accomplish a wonderful look during the summer and every season of the year.

New Botanical Body Sprays from Caress will awaken your senses and feel fresh any time of day. The  long-lasting, light scents like Pink Peony, Sweet Violet and Mediterranean Lotus are naturally-inspired to help you celebrate any mood.
And now with Caress-inspired Pandora playlists, you can amplify any state of mind and embrace each notes as it hits you. So pick up Caress at H-E-B and get down with the freshness.

H-E-B has many of the beauty and styling products you'll need to help you look and feel you absolute best while you create those fun sunshine memories.

My 11 Summer Must-haves
  1. Caress Botanical Body Spray
  2. Caress Body Wash - For smooth and soft skin
  3. Caress Beauty Bar
  4. Exfoliating - Keep that skin glowing!
  5. Dry Shampoo - Because greasy hair is never in style
  6. Wet Wipes - Help you stay and feel fresh
  7. Sunscreen - Skin cancer is no joke and no one wants to look like a lobster - Not cute!
  8. Tinted Moisturizer - Even your skin tine without heavy foundation
  9. Moisturizer - Prevent your skin from drying out under the sun
  10. Bathing Suit and Kimono - Show off your fashionable side with a cute outfit
  11. Reusable Water Bottle - Keep hydrated and reduce plastic waste

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