Zoes Kitchen Now Open in San Antonio

San Antonio now has a Zoes Kitchen located in the Lincoln Heights. I had told a few friends of mine about the opening and heard nothing but positive things and that they all loved it. When it comes to food I can be a picky eater but since meeting my fiancée 5 years ago he has taught to just give new foods a try. I was excited to try Zoes Kitchen but I will admit, I was a little nervous about trying something new. After having lunch there I'm glad they're here in San Antonio because I loved every bite! Everything was great and the staff were very friendly and inviting.

For lunch I started off with pita bread and humus, some of the best I've tried. I then had their Chicken and Orzo soup which was very tasty and something I know my little picky eater will enjoy as well. For my main entree I had the Steak Kabobs and wow! The Steak Kabobs were awesome, they were very tender, juicy and full of flavor. I looked down at my table just before I had started to eat, thinking "This is a lot of food, I'm not going to be able to eat all of this." but I did. I just couldn't stop it was that delicious.

Zoes Kitchen makes everything fresh everyday and use the freshest and finest ingredients. They also provide take home tubs that make it easy to whip up a great and healthy dinner by adding ingredients you have at home. You can also take home one of their dinners for 4. I took home of their Chicken Kabobs dinners for 4 for my family which included eight chicken kabobs, rice pilaf, greek salad, and pita bread. Big hit with the family.

Maddox enjoying some pita bread
For more inforamtion about Zoes Kitchen you can visit them at ZoesKitchen.com or on Facebook at Zoes Kitchen

They are currently giving away 500 meals and Zoes for a year to those in San Antonio. You can enter on their facebook page or click here.

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